2011 walt disney world christmas trip
December 7-11, 2011
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12/7/11 - 12/12/11, trip to walt disney world to enjoy the christmas theming, staying at saratoga springs resort, in a studio unit
this trip did not start off to be a photo trip, but because i wanted to take a few, i decided to travel lighter than usual. i took the panasonic lumix g1, with the assortment of lenses i have for it. it's a mirrorless micro 4/3 system, something i picked up while looking to replace my aging point-n-shoot. i went this direction because i got a closeout special at amazon, and i had been watching the M4/3 system development for awhile, paid about the same as a canon g12 would have cost, and i feel this is a much more feature laden system, real manual controls and real versatility. and the body, 5 lenses, spare battery, charger, remote, manual, and a couple step up rings and filters, plus a lowepro shoulder bag, weighs less than my 5dmk2 body with the 24=105 walk around lens. so i ended up taking a fair amount of photos, under a lot of different lighting conditions, and i now have a real good feel for just what this system can and cannot do.