med cruise 2007, disney magic
May 23 to Jun 6, 2007 > med cruise 2007, disney magic
we spent 5/23/07 - 5/26/07 precruise in barcelona spain. what a wonderful, beautiful city. phenomenal architecture, nice people, great climate
the sections are by date and place, i've tried to label the photos by subject, the times are off because i forgot to set my camera to local, so just add 6 hours to the time shown in the exif data
we arrived 0735 local time, pretty well jetlagged, stayed up and walked around until 1200 then
crashed in the hotel until was cloudy and sprinkling in the morning, thus the washed out gray skies in the first photos
blue skies and warm when we went back out. took the funicular up montjuic and found a walking path back down then walked the
waterfront to port vell and back to hotel